Permanent Lips

Even if you are born with the perfect pout, your lip colour naturally fades as you grow older and the fine lines that begin appearing around the mouth can make your lips less full and vibrant. Permanent lip makeup counteracts this, by applying coloured pigment to give a more defined and youthful appearance. Tones can be blended to perfectly create the shade or tone you would like, whether this is a subtle, slightly brighter version of your natural colour or something a little bolder.
Permanent lip makeup can enhance the appearance of your lips in terms of both shape and colour, and can negate the need for cosmetic lipsticks and liners altogether. Unlike commercial makeup, once applied there will be no smudging, bleeding or lipstick on your teeth. 

Lip Contour

Lip contour offers perfectly contoured lips, with clear definition around the edges. If you have uneven lips, this is an effective way to give them more balance or for lighter lips it can add depth. Permanent lip liner can be used alone in a shade to match or complement your natural skin colour, or can be combined with a permeant lip blush to enhance your whole mouth and deliver the perfect pout. 

Lip Blush


Lip blush colour mimics the effect of putting on a commercial lipstick. As with permanent lip liner, it can be used to enhance your existing lip colour or create a more vivid effect, and you can still change the shade of your lips on a daily basis or for an evening out by simply using a regular lipstick as you would have done previously – you will find it stays on better, lasts longer and, if you have also had a permanent lip liner treatment, will be less inclined to bleed.


The type of client who may be an ideal candidate for permanent lip makeup could include:


  • Those with naturally thin lips

  • People seeking the perfect pout

  • People with fine lines around the mouth caused by age, environment or smoking

  • Those who use lipstick or lip liner regularly

  • Those with a visual impairment that makes applying makeup difficult

  • Athletes who are unable to wear makeup while active

  • Those with an allergy or sensitivity towards cosmetic makeup products


As a fully qualified, experienced and talented permanent makeup artist, Natalie Stratford will put you completely at ease and ensure that your consultation and any questions you have leave you confident that you will be getting the look you desire.

For more information about permanent lip liner or permanent lip colour, or to book a no-obligation consultation, please get in touch. 



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