Do you wish you had thicker, fuller, darker or more naturally balanced and proportionate eyebrows? Eyebrows have become so trendy and fashionable and many are now seeking ‘brows on fleek’, where their eyebrows are perfectly groomed, filled and shaped. Whether this means a natural look or a bolder, more defined appearance is bespoke to you and no two brow treatments are the same. Microblading helps to create the subtle differences to your brows that dramatically transform your appearance, rejuvenate your face and instill a greater sense of self-confidence.


Becoming a microblading expert is an art. It requires creativity, skill and a natural flair for assessing balance and proportion. As a microblading specialist, London-based Natalie Stratford creates natural-looking enhancements that blend perfectly with your skintone and existing hair colouring. By simulating the appearance of hair follicles, clients of all ages can feel more confident and assured of their daily appearance. 

What exactly is Microblading?

Microblading is a specialist technique that should only be administered by skilled and qualified technicians with an eye for detail and an in-built sense of perfectionism. This clever and creative craft uses tiny amounts of pigment to feather tiny hair strokes in the direction of normal hair growth, to cover or fill in any gaps in your existing eyebrow.


Microblading is a non-invasive procedure which makes a huge difference to your appearance. Even if you have dark eyebrows, they may be narrow or sparse and microblading, while subtle, can create fuller and more defined brows that enhance the depth and dimension of your face.


As one of the main features of your face, and the first one that many notice, perfecting your eyebrows results in a groomed look, even without makeup.  The end result is a shape, and colour, that suits your face, which looks totally natural.


The type of client who may be an ideal candidate for microblading could include:


  • Those with naturally thin, or fair brows

  • People who have fuller brows but lack definition

  • Those who fill in (pencil) their eyebrows regularly

  • People who have over plucked their eyebrows over the years

  • Those with a visual impairment that makes applying makeup difficult

  • People who have lost hair during chemotherapy

  • Alopecia sufferers with little-to-no hair

  • People with scarring around their eyebrows

  • Gym bunnies and regular athletes


For more information about microblading, or to book a no-obligation consultation, please get in touch. 



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